16 Design Trends Shaping Email Marketing in 2017 [Infographic]

How do you ensure your email stands out in the inbox? 

For email marketers, that is the proverbial million dollar question. With email continuing to be the key communication channel for many businesses in 2017, it’s absolutely paramount that you craft your emails to stand out from the crowd. 

My good friends at Email Monks created a beautiful infographic to showcase the design trends shaping email marketing in 2017. Use these trends to help inform your email marketing strategies and boost engagement rates in the inbox.

Here’s a snapshot at some of the key trends that are featured:   

  1. Lightweight GIFs and Cinemagraphs bring video to the inbox.
  2. Interactive elements such as menus, forms, and search, breathe new life into email templates. 
  3. Minimalist design helps deliver impactful messaging. 
  4. Flat design enables brands to create a consistent experience across all channels. 
  5. Personalization becomes even more targeted with dynamic content. 

Plus, the infographic takes us back to 2016 to look at the game-changing trends that helped spur this year’s design trends. 

View the full infographic below to check out the key email design trends for 2017, and let me know which one you’re most excited about in the comments section. 

Design Trends Shaping Email Marketing in 2017 [Infographic]