Email Design Checklist: How to Create Beautiful Emails That Convert

When was the last time you received an email that directly influenced you to make a purchase?

For me, it was a recent email from Nike. With edge-to-edge imagery accentuating the sneaker’s silhouette, clear messaging and an enticing call-to-action, I didn’t stand a chance.

Admittedly, I’m a sneakerhead so it wasn’t a hard sell, but the design elements that made it so easy to buy can be replicated by any brand. You don’t need Nike’s budget. All you need is this new checklist from Campaign Monitor and Really Good Emails. They’ve outlined the best practices that will help you marry elegant design with conversion-driven copy to boost engagement with subscribers throughout the customer lifecycle.

This infographic-style checklist contains actionable tips to get every part of an email just right. For example, leveraging personalization to make your emails more relevant, adding images and GIFs to increase click-throughs, and balancing out the text and whitespace to improve readability.

From the subject line, through the links, content, and fonts all the way to the footer, this checklist will help you create emails that delight your readers and drive more revenue.

Email Design Checklist